Nancy Grando can create custom chocolate designs upon request. Contact Grando at

Examples of custom chocolate creations are featured on this page. Custom Packaging is also available.


logo-g Put your best foot forward with Grando's Italian designer high heel.

Customization Available: Choice of initials, accents and shoe color.

Note: all colors are food grade and 100% natural.

your choice of dark, milk or white chocolate. Shoe shown: $100.00




Custom Lettering
Custom Cioccolato

Custom 3D statue "Sweet Holiday" gifts

Academy award winning producer Jon Landau & Family


Grando Cioccolato Chocolate 3D custom statue academy award winning producer jon landau and family



Chocolate Statue
Jamie Landau

logo-g Custom Dominie Luxury Unearthed - Bel Air Hotel

Event hosted by the Bel Air Hotel.

Grando Cioccolato produced replicas of Dominie / Evelyn evening bag for all VIPs.

As well as providing endless serving platters of Grando Cioccolato Diamonds




Grando Jewelry on Bags
Grando Cioccolato Evelyn Replica
Custom Packaging

logo-g Custom created for the L.A. Philharmonic Interational Committee


Grando Cioccolato Chocolate Violins Philarmonic Los Angeles Custom International Committee



Symphonia di Cioccolato Violins
Symphonia di Cioccolato Pianos
On Display

logo-g Custom Italian Designer Handbag was created to

delight the fashionista!

Available in 70% dark, milk and white Italian Chocolate.

Optional natural food colorants to make your

personal fashion statement.





logo-g Custom Spiral Notebook was originally custom designed for

L.A.'s Best the largest afterschool program in the U.S.

Available in 70% dark, milk and white Italian Chocolate.

The spiral notebook can be customized with your choice of

name(s) or organization.






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logo-g Organic Ingredients traceable to the source.

logo-g NON-GMO

logo-g Gluten Free

logo-g Sustainable Packaging

logo-g Vegan (Select Chocolates)

logo-g Organic Criollo & Trinatario Cocoa Beans are harvested from Equal Opportunity Farms in South America and the Carribean

logo-g The Choice Cocoa Beans are roasted in Italy and ground into a 100% organic chocolate liquor.

logo-g Grando hand-crafts the Italian chocolate liquor into authentifc family recipes in Santa Barbara