Nancy Grando can create custom chocolate designs upon request. Contact Grando at

Examples of custom chocolate creations are featured on this page. Custom Packaging is also available.


logo-g Custom created for the L.A. Philharmonic Interational Committee


Grando Cioccolato Chocolate Violins Philarmonic Los Angeles Custom International Committee



Symphonia di Cioccolato Violins
Symphonia di Cioccolato Pianos
On Display

Custom 3D statue "Sweet Holiday" gifts

Academy award winning producer Jon Landau & Family


Grando Cioccolato Chocolate 3D custom statue academy award winning producer jon landau and family



Chocolate Statue
Jamie Landau

logo-g Custom Dominie Luxury Unearthed - Bel Air Hotel

Event hosted by the Bel Air Hotel.

Grando Cioccolato produced replicas of Dominie / Evelyn evening bag for all VIPs.

As well as providing endless serving platters of Grando Cioccolato Diamonds




Grando Jewelry on Bags
Grando Cioccolato Evelyn Replica
Custom Packaging

logo-g Put your best foot forward with Grando's Italian designer high heel.

Customization Available: Choice of initials, accents and shoe color.

Note: all colors are food grade and 100% natural.

your choice of dark, milk or white chocolate. Shoe shown: $100.00




Custom Lettering
Custom Cioccolato

logo-g Custom Italian Designer Handbag was created to

delight the fashionista!

Available in 70% dark, milk and white Italian Chocolate.

Optional natural food colorants to make your

personal fashion statement.





logo-g Custom Spiral Notebook was originally custom designed for

L.A.'s Best the largest afterschool program in the U.S.

Available in 70% dark, milk and white Italian Chocolate.

The spiral notebook can be customized with your choice of

name(s) or organization.






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logo-g Organic Ingredients traceable to the source.

logo-g NON-GMO

logo-g Gluten Free

logo-g Sustainable Packaging

logo-g Vegan (Select Chocolates)

logo-g Organic Criollo & Trinatario Cocoa Beans are harvested from Equal Opportunity Farms in South America and the Carribean

logo-g The Choice Cocoa Beans are roasted in Italy and ground into a 100% organic chocolate liquor.

logo-g Grando hand-crafts the Italian chocolate liquor into authentifc family recipes in Santa Barbara