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         Grando's white chocolate is every white chocolate lover's favorite, as it is created with bits of crushed vanilla beans. Nancy added organic cinnamon to her recipe and in doing so she created a formula that tastes like cream brulee!  The cinnamon not only adds a bit of spice to the white chocolate, but it adds nutritional benefits too!


logo-g NON-GMO

logo-g Gluten Free

logo-g Sustainable Packaging

logo-g Organic Ingredients traceable to the source

logo-g Fairtrade Dark & Milk Chocolate

logo-g Grando hand-crafts the Italian chocolate liquor into authentifc family recipes in Pasadena.

logo-g The Choice Cocoa Beans are roasted in Italy and ground into a 100% organic chocolate liquor.

logo-g Organic Criollo Cocoa Beans are harvested from Equal Opportunity Farms in South America and the Carribean